Entertained yet?

As you read my blog, I am raiding your fridge haha.

Hoping they’ll love who you are 
Painting is the only peace I still have to myself in this claustrophobic place.
 (9”x5”, Acrylic on Illustration Board) 
It’s like good cop bad cop but cute cop and cuter cop 
I drew my feelings.  
So in my doodles, I’m going to age into a cat instead of a prune :)  
On one hand I would like school to end, on the other I need more time to finish my assignments.  
I thought college was what I wanted 

Salome's Art Adventures

Hi friends I started a blog and it’s my “professional” stuff so be prepared that it’s completely different from the work i have on here :)  Check it out whenever you have time!  

My old friends are all so far from me 
I usually make one soft boiled egg per ramen. 
Was listening to Jack Johnson 
I tried, honest. 
My sketchbook is breaking :<