Entertained yet?

As you read my blog, I am raiding your fridge haha.

On one hand I would like school to end, on the other I need more time to finish my assignments.  
I thought college was what I wanted 

Salome's Art Adventures

Hi friends I started a blog and it’s my “professional” stuff so be prepared that it’s completely different from the work i have on here :)  Check it out whenever you have time!  

My old friends are all so far from me 
I usually make one soft boiled egg per ramen. 
Was listening to Jack Johnson 
I tried, honest. 
My sketchbook is breaking :< 
I get great customer service.  
Ran into a philosophy professor recently, I thought he was a hobo.  I think he would like this comic though. 
This is the original without tones 
First time trying to digitally add in tones, let me know if you like it :)
Mysterious vibrating sounds in class explained
Some concept characters I doodled :) 
Whenever I drop my pencils :c