Entertained yet?

As you read my blog, I am raiding your fridge haha.

A tribute to one of my favourite games 

 Glad to have found my stylus so I can play around with Photoshop!  
No signature because it’s just a doodle :) 
Bowl of Fruits completed in acrylic 9x12” (If anyone wants to buy this painting for $600 I will buy a real camera and take better photos that actually look my paintings *winkyface*) 
Thank you Sia for keeping me calm while I try to paint 
Study of fruits and pomegranate belly buttons 

For my bestfriend’s 21st birthday!  Will add the strings to the balloons later.  
(It’s okay she doesn’t have tumblr) 

Hoping they’ll love who you are 
Painting is the only peace I still have to myself in this claustrophobic place.
 (9”x5”, Acrylic on Illustration Board) 
It’s like good cop bad cop but cute cop and cuter cop 
I drew my feelings.  
So in my doodles, I’m going to age into a cat instead of a prune :)  
On one hand I would like school to end, on the other I need more time to finish my assignments.